Using traditional and digital media to grow my business

Most businesses today have partially, if not entirely, embraced digital marketing. It has become a popular trend for both small and large enterprises to rely on digital marketing strategies solely to bring in sales. It is evident that digital marketing is fast, convenient and efficient as a marketing media. There is also no doubt that lagging and sticking to traditional avenues will only can hurt your business.

However, one lucrative possibility many businesses do not consider is integrating traditional and digital avenues to boost sales and grow their brand. Here are five ways you can easily integrate digital and traditional marketing media to grow your business:

Embed your digital presence in print

One of the most effective ways of incorporating the two mediums is by embedding your digital presence on print mediums. If you have social media accounts, blogs or website addresses, you can add them onto any of your print media including billboards, business cards, postcards, banners, t-shirts, mugs and caps among others.

Print media is enticing. When someone takes one of your t-shirts, mugs or caps with your website address, there is a considerable chance that they will end up checking you out online at their convenience.

Websites and TV advertisements

While you advertise your business or products through traditional TV, you can highlight addresses to redirect potential traffic to your landing pages. While the younger generation is mostly concerned with the internet, this does not mean TV advertising has run their course. Television is still a big part of everyone's life, and so TV ads are going to be crucial to business growth for a long time to come.

Utilize the power of email AND direct mail at once

In the traditional setting, you will be using direct mail to promote your business and products by sending out postcards, fliers, etc. to your leads.

Email marketing is a digital alternative to direct mail. It involves collecting email addresses from interested leads through sign-ups and sending them promotional emails. The thing is, a vast population of prospective customers, especially seniors, can be reached through direct mail marketing. The opposite is also true. Utilizing both of these powerful mediums could easily catapult your business to success.

Follow up on your leads via phone calls

When you receive sign-ups to your online activities such as tutorials, courses and gift packages that you use to attract leads, you can then have your sales team reach out these prospective leads on the phone to prompt them to take action.

Word of mouth and incentives

Some of the most effective digital marketing strategies today are incentive-based programs like the referral system. Businesses are using their online leads to market them further; in return, they offer incentives for every new invite. However, this strategy does not have to be strictly online-based. You can use one of the most successful traditional media to put the word out there about these incentives: word of mouth.

As much as digital media rules now, traditional media still hasn't lost its touch, not by a long shot. Integrating the two avenues could reap the benefits of both sides for your business. We'd love to help you determine the right balance for your company. Contact Triangle today.

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