Supplies and Equipment

Cost Per Copy (CPC) Program

Our Cost Per Copy (CPC) program is an affordable way to bring the convenience of large format, high-quality printing to your location. With our CPC program there is no upfront investment. The program includes paper, ink, print heads, maintenance, service, parts, etc. For only $69.00 per month (36 month minimum lease contract) and a .40 cents per sq. ft. print charge, you can print all of the color or black and white prints you need without leaving your building.

Authorized Canon Dealer

Triangle is an Authorized Canon dealer. We have a wide selection of plotters and plotting supplies that can be delivered directly to your office.

Triangle is a leading source of printing and scanning supplies.

  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Toner
  • Drafting Tools
  • Labeling Tape
  • Construction Calculators
  • Digital Plan Measures