Strategic Marketing

Using traditional AND digital media to grow your business

Before you can effectively market your product or service, you have to know your audience, their pain points, where to reach them, and how?

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Many businesses today have partially, if not fully, embraced digital marketing. It has become a popular trend for both small and large enterprises to rely on digital marketing strategies entirely to bring in sales. The lure of digital marketing is speed, convenience, and efficiency. There is no doubt that digital marketing should be employed.

However, not at the expense of scrapping traditional marketing altogether. Integrating traditional and digital avenues will boost sales and grow your brand.

Here are four ways you can easily integrate digital and traditional marketing media to grow your business:

1. Embed your digital presence in print

One of the most effective ways of incorporating the two mediums is by embedding your digital presence in print. If you have social media accounts, blogs or a website, you can add them to any of your print media including billboards, business cards, postcards, banners, t-shirts, mugs and caps among others.

Print media is enticing. More impressions mean better recall. Take the opportunity to use your printed collateral to share the existence of your digital footprint.

2. Utilize the power of email and direct mail at once

You can utilize the power of email and direct mail together.
In the traditional setting, you use direct mail to promote your business and products by sending out postcards, flyers, etc. to your leads.

Direct mail is a powerful and highly targetable media. Mailing lists can be purchased with a high degree of data accuracy to make certain your message is getting in the right hands.

Email marketing is a digital alternative to direct mail. It involves collecting email addresses from interested leads through sign-ups and sending them promotional emails.

The secret is, you can use your targeted mailing list to create audience profiles, as well as look-alike audiences for social media marketing. And with the power of the Facebook Pixel, you can hyperfocus when targeting and retargeting.

This combination makes it possible for you to get multiple touches with potential customers affordably.

3. Follow up on your leads via phone calls

This sounds obvious, but when you receive sign-ups to your online activities, don't forget to follow-up. Find and use an affordable CRM to help your sales team reach out to these prospective leads.

A good CRM is an invaluable tool for your tool chest. It will save you time, keep you organized, and help keep you from 'dropping the ball' on your hard-earned new sales leads.

There are many CRM solutions available. The prices range from free to several thousand dollars per month. PC Magazine has assembled a 2019 CRM "best of" list.

4. Word of mouth and incentives

One of the most effective marketing strategies today is an incentive-based program like a referral system. Businesses are using their online leads to market them further; in return, they offer incentives for every new invite.

Like other marketing strategies, this strategy does not have to be strictly online-based. You can use one of the most successful traditional media to put the word out there about these incentives: word of mouth.

As much as digital media has changed marketing today, traditional media still hasn’t lost its touch, not by a long shot. Integrating the two marketing types can reap huge benefits for your business.

Where to start?

Before you can effectively market your product or service, you have to know your audience, their pain points, where to reach them, and how?

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