Direct Mail

Direct mail makes an impression because it creates a physical bond when your target customer opens your direct mail. 

Direct mail mailing lists are affordable and highly targetable. They can also be used in your social media campaigns to re-touch prospects and to identify new prospects. You can read more about that on our strategic marketing page.

Direct mail is measurable as the responses from calls, website access, and coupons related to your direct mail can be used to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Sometimes, tangible objects like postcards and brochures are what a customer really wants to see. Being able to hold a product sometimes makes it feel more real. For example, imagine you are looking for somewhere to eat. You search social media for a place to go, and the options are overwhelming. But just yesterday you got a small flyer for a new restaurant along with a coupon. Which one are you likely to go with? 

Direct mail is a great option for small businesses. It is cost-effective, easy to process and track, and simple to execute.