Balance is Key When Building Your Marketing Strategy

Small business owners often make one crucial mistake when deciding on marketing tactics; they choose to market exclusively through social media. Why? Marketing through social media is cheaper and easier than print media. Social media does create high exposure to a certain degree. However, online marketing runs the risk of becoming oversaturated and lacks diversity. Online marketing cannot provide business owners with everything print marketing has to offer.

Print media is sometimes thought of as outdated. This is a dangerous misconception for small business owners to have. Print media is a blend of new and old. Choosing to combine a digital presence with tried and tested print marketing techniques is what will make small businesses thrive.

Business cards

Imagine you are at a freelancing mixer and someone asks for your contact information, which you reel off by heart. Chances are, this information will soon be forgotten, and so the opportunity to gain a new client has just passed you by. This is where engaging with the client through a business card is the best option. This face-to-face marketing technique is not only growing your business but showing your customers how personable you are. Having a supply of business cards ready with you and available at your customers’ leisure can significantly impact your business.

Imagine the business card as the second face of your business. It can easily evoke everything your company has to offer. Someone can get a feel for you and your business, just by glancing at your business card.

Direct mail

Support for your business by consumers is what will streamline your business growth. You cannot grow your business if you cannot reach your audience. Easily mail your marketing materials with beautiful quality that you can’t get by looking at a screen. Sometimes, tangible objects like postcards and brochures are what a customer wants to see. Being able to hold a product sometimes makes it feel more real. For example, imagine you are looking for somewhere to eat. You search social media for a place to go, and the options are overwhelming. But just yesterday you got a small flyer for a new restaurant along with a coupon. Which one are you likely to go with?

Oftentimes, sending your marketing materials through the mail seems more personal. It takes more time, money and thought than sending out a mass email, but it will yield better results.


Brochures can work for any types of businesses, allowing your customers to hold in their hand a piece of your business and immediately understand what it has to offer. You cannot get the same design or feeling from glancing over a social media page. A print brochure can outline your business for the customer and give them material to bring home with them for reference.

Print media gives businesses the option to combine their online presence with print services to better grow their business. Print marketing promotes business growth by filling the gaps that the online world cannot fill.

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